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Life is better in community.

Life is full of challenges, and adults need help too! We don't want you to just come, we want you to

become part of our family. We offer practical help for you to get connected, 

grow in your faith, and live an abundant life through Jesus.


Adult Bible Class is held during the school year at

9:00, right before our morning worship service. Join us for meaningful discussion and Victory Junction coffee. It's the perfect setting as we dive into the Word of God and fellowship with each other.

Life group is my "go to" church family, the ones I'm extra comfortable around... brothers and sisters in Christ who share the details of growing as a Christian, dig into the Bible, intricately pray with and for me, and know my flaws and feelings.

We get to celebrate life's victories and work through the difficulties by speaking

truth, praying, and believing together. Our life group is full of love,

friendship, prayer, and fellowship.

Jinny F.


Life Groups offer a safe place to grow both in community and spiritually.

There are many groups to choose from depending on your interests, location, and schedule.  We will help you get connected with a Life Group that will best fit your needs as you connect and grow with other believers.

We knew that the journey to financial peace would be long and hard, but being able to talk about it in life group and taking the class financial peace university  made it possible. We had tried other things in the past and none worked. It was hard at the beginning because the program exposed how bad our debt was and how negative our bank account was. We were $1,000 short every month, but little by little we worked the negative number to a positive, while at the same time eliminating debt. After four months we were shocked to see that we eliminated over $15,000 in debt. Now we are able to prepare for times of hardship and to bless others. Tithing was the key on getting this done. Tithing helped us to see how God can propel us forward on 90%. We tried living 100% on our own, and it never worked. We chose to trust God and continually see how He provides.

Roger and Maryuri L.


Women's ministry is a great place to get to know the women of the church and to grow in your knowledge and application of God's Word.

Our women's ministry team regularly plans Bible studies, women's retreats and conferences, and a Christmas party.

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