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Helping you find freedom.

We are a spirit-filled group of believers who are passionate about Jesus and what He has done for us!

Our Mission...

is to help people find new life and find it abundantly through Jesus.


Our Strategy...

is to help you find freedom and equip you to understand your gifts, your calling, and your identity as a child of God.

What We Believe

About Jesus
Jesus is the Son of God.  He lived a sinless human life and offered Himself as a perfect sacrifice in our place to pay for our sins.  He died on a cross, rose from the dead after three days, has returned to heaven and is coming again for those who long to be with Him.


About Salvation
God freely offers salvation to those who believe in Jesus and what He has done and choose to follow Him.


About God
There is one God who exists in three distinct persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 


About the Spirit
At the moment of salvation, we receive the Holy Spirit who lives in us, transforms us and gives us spiritual gifts. All of the gifts of the Spirit continue to operate to build and strengthen the Church.

About the Bible
The entire Bible is God-breathed through men who were moved by the Spirit to write the very words of God. Therefore, the Bible is without error and is our final authority and the basis for all we teach and believe.


About the Christian Life
The baptism of the Holy Spirit empowers us, and by learning to walk in the Spirit we are transformed to be more like Jesus and learn to experience freedom, healing, and victory over everything that would seek to bind us to our old life.  

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