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Catch up or dive deep.

If you're wondering what goes on at Victory, we encourage you to watch a service online.

You can also catch any messages you may have missed.

Join us Sunday at
10 AM for Victory Live

Maybe it’s been a long time since you’ve been in a church building, or maybe you’ve never been. What can you expect?  Find out. You can watch our entire service live online on Sunday mornings.



Miss a sermon?  Access our full audio archive of past messages dating back to 2012!


Access current and past services anytime, anywhere, with our video stream. 

Binge watch to your heart’s content!

Worship & Healing Services

Worship & Healing.png

2023-2024 Services 

Serve the kingdom.jpg
FOUNDATIONS - Sermon on the Mount Series.jpg
GOLDEN RULE - Sermon on the Mount Series.jpg
Time to Seek the Lord.jpg
TREASURE - Sermon on the Mount Series.jpg
ANXIETY - Sermon on the Mount Series.jpg
ANGER - Sermon on the Mount Series.jpg
SALT & LIGHT - Sermon on the Mount Series (1).jpg
BLESSED - Sermon on the Mount Series.jpg
FASTING - Sermon on the Mount Series.jpg
FORGIVENESS - Sermon on the Mount Series.jpg
A Private Life - Sermon on the Mount Series.jpg
PRAYER - Sermon on the Mount Series (1).jpg
ENEMIES - Sermon on the Mount Series.jpg
HIGH STANDARDS - Sermon on the Mount Series.jpg
Easter Sunday 2024.jpg
Casie's Message 1-21-24.jpg
Ben Goodman 1-7-24.jpg
1.14.24 service is.jpg
Matt's Message Option  12-31-23 Option 4.jpg
Matt's Message 12-24-23.jpg
Matt's Message 12-10-23.jpg
Matt's Message 12-17-23.jpg
Matt's Message 12-3-23.jpg
Chuck Porta 11-5-23.jpg
Pastor Mike & Cindy 10-29-23.jpg
Mike's Message 10-22-23 #2.jpg
Matt's Message 11-26-23.jpg
Matt's Message 11-19-23 (1).jpg
Matt's Message 11-12-23.jpg
Matt's Message 10-15-23 #3.jpg
Matt's Message 10-1-23.jpg
Mike's Message 9-17-23.jpg
Matt's Message 8-27-23 (1).jpg
Mike's Message 8-13-23 (2).jpg
Mike's Message 7-30-23.jpg
Matt's Message 7-16-23.jpg
Matt's Message  6-25-23.jpg
Mike's Message Heaven Rules 6-11-23.jpg
Matt's Installation #2.jpg
Matt's Message 9-24-23.jpg
Mike's Message 9-2-23.jpg
Mike's Message 8-20-23.jpg
Mike's Message 8-6-23.jpg
Mike's Message 7-23-23 (1).jpg
Mike's Message 7-2-23.jpg
Mike's Message 6-18-23.jpg
Mike's Message Heaven Rules 6-4-23.jpg
Mike's Message Heaven Rules 5-21-23.jpg
TAKE TWO Mike's Mother's Day Message 5-14-23.jpeg
Matt's Message 4-30-23.jpeg
Heaven Rules 4-12-23.jpeg
Mike's Message Heaven Rules 5-7-23.jpg
Ben Goodman's Message 4-23-23.jpeg
Mike's Easter Message 4-9-23.jpeg
Matt's Message 4-2-23.jpg
Mike's Message 3-26-23.jpg
Casie's Message 3-19-23-2.jpeg
Matt's Message 3-12-23-2.jpeg
Matt's Message Psalm 23 Part Four  2-5-23.jpeg
Mike's Message Psalm 23 Part Two - 12223.jpg
Doug Wing's Message 2-12-23.jpeg
Mike's Message Psalm 23 Part One - 11523.png
NewYear's Message.jpg

2022 Services

Mike's Message 3-6-22.png
Mike's Message 2-27-22.png
Mike's Message 2-20-22.png
Mike's Message 2-6-22.png
1-23-22 Mike's Message.png
Ben Goodman's Message 1-9-22.png
Casie's Message 2-13-22.png
Mike's Message 1-30-22-2.png
1-16-22 Bob's Message.png
Mike's Message 1-2-22.png

2021 Services

Mike's Message 12-19-21.png
Mike's Message 12-5-21.png
Chuck Porta's Message 11-21-21.png
Mike's Message 11-14-21.png
SeedSoil&Fruit 10-17-21.png
Mike's Message 10-3-21.png
Mike's Message 9-19-21.png
Allan Ward's Message 8-29-21.png
Where Can I Park.jp2
Darren Johnson's Message 8-1-21.png
OPTION 1 Mike's Message 12-12-21.png
Copy of Chuck Porta's Message 11-21-21.png
TheEbb&Flowof Faith.png
Part2WhenSpiritual and Physical Collide.png
Pastor Bob's Messagae 9-26-21.png
Mike's Message 9-5-21.png
Jon's Instagram Message 8-22-21.png
Bob's Message 8-8-21.png
Glenn's Message 7-25-21-2.png
Matt Cherry's Message 7-18-21.png
Casie's Message 6-27-21.png
Mindy's Message 6-13-21.png
Glenn Bader's Message 7-11-21.png
Bob's Message 6-20-21.png
Brian's Message 6-6-21 (1).png
Training up a child.png
Clem Ferris's Message 4-18-21.png
Approaching the Resurrection Easter Seri
Casie's Message on Life Groups (1).png
Anchoredoradrift 4-25-21.png
PreparingforDeparture 4-11-21.jpg
Deuteronomy Series.png
Love to Tell the Story

2020 Services

Mike's Message 12-27-20.png
Jesus the Anointed One.png
in the beginning....png
Mike's Message 12-13-20.png
There is Only One Race 6-14-2020.png
2020-6-7 Fellowship.png
Mike's Message 5-31-2020.png
Five Pillars.png
Bitter Trials 2.png
Honest Doubt.png
GOOD NEWS from the Tomb.png
To Drink of the Father's Cup.png
Taking it on the Road.png
Who Do YOU Say That I Am-2.png
YOU%22RE The Answer.png
God Knows the.png
He's STILL God.png
Time is Time to Have a BOLD FAITH.png
The HOLY SPIRIT At Work.png
The Value of.png
Youth Presentation.png
Mission Impossible.png

2019 Services

Add a heading.png
from the fitzgeralds.png
My Post-5.png
Perseverence Copy.png
Generosity Copy.png
The Mission of.png
The Goal of.png
The King and His Kingdom.png
What is.png
Father's Day 2019.png
Walk... Better Yet, Run.png
Rev Series.png
Add a heading.png
Equipped For WARFARE.png
The Cup of God's Wrath.png
A Stranger's Voice.png
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